About me: Timothy O’Shea

about me &build wood carportHello there and thank you for stopping by!
If you’ve ever tried searching for DIY woodworking plans on the internet, you most likely already know that it can be quite a minefield out there.
In the 10 years that I have been a woodworking hobbyist I have tried my fair share of packages, and I’m not too proud to admit that when I started off a good number of my projects either ended up in the recycle bin, or didn’t quite get the reaction from family and friends that I had hoped for 😉

Just like almost everyone else I started out spending a fair amount of time searching aimlessly on the internet and eventually grabbing some plans that I hoped would allow me to build the project myself.
I can joke about it now (then it wasn’t that funny, I can assure you) as I refer to myself as being in the woodworking twilight zone – all the info and diagrams I found looked great … but they rarely lived up to the hype!

Measurements would often be incorrect or missing, there would be no list of required tools, no clear steps from beginning to end, no indication of skill level required, kinds of timber you can use, fixture and fittings list, idea of the total cost of materials etc. etc. and I could surely have done with some safety instruction too.
And I would love to tell you that I discovered these shortcomings Before I was already half way through the project…

The truth is that I would have been able to save myself so much time and money (and certainly I would have more hairs on my head now) if I had taken advantage of professionally drafted, easy to follow plans.

I eventually did find thousands of professional plans (in one foul swoop) which allowed me to plan my projects easily, and I have managed to complete some pretty awesome home projects – if I may say so myself.
So it would be nice if I could save you from some of these ‘learning experiences’ and point you in the right direction so that you can fully enjoy this immensely rewarding pastime!

Click here to discover which plans I take advantage of for my woodworking adventures.

Building my own stuff is without a doubt the most rewarding thing I have ever done.
I hope you can get as much, or even more, out of this wonderful hobby as I have.

Timothy O’Shea